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1.what is Bitoff?
Bitoff is a simple solution to spend bitcoin on amazon and save about 30% of your budget, also turning your amazon gift cards into bitcoin in a very easy circumstance. Bitoff builds its business policy on creating benefits for both whom spending Bitcoins and those who wants to collect bitcoin in cash or amazon gift cards. Bitoff strategy is to stay easy, beneficial, fast and most importantly safe and secure.
2.How Bitoff works?
Bitoff is a connection between two persons, the one who wants to spend bitcoin on a product via amazon site and the other person, who has the amazon gift card or enough cash and wills to turn it into bitcoin currency.
Bitoff helps the deal to be done easy, safe, fast and quite secure.'
3.Why using Bitoff?
Bitoff is a new way of cryptocurrency investment. It’s a big opportunity and both shoppers and earners get benefits from it.
Bitoff strategy is to create a beneficial and a win-win space, Bitoff is made of a dashboard which lets user to be either a shopper or an earner. Bitoff gives you the opportunity to get up to 30% off on spending the bitcoin while turning your amazon gift cards into bitcoin or cash, as user pleased. Bitoff with Hight standards of controlling, make sure that the whole buying and transaction process to go fine. It is quite legally, safe, easy and fast.
4.How to trust Bitoff?
Bitoff transaction is based on escrow payment, the most safe and secure version of financial arrangements, Bitoff protects your bitcoin , it stays with Bitoff and it will never be transferred, unless your product is delivered and the whole process is done correctly, in other word, Bitoff guarantees your bitcoin to stay safe and secure and never wasted.
5.Who is the Shopper?
Users who has the bitcoin and wants to spend it on amazon are called Shopper.
shoppers choose the products and the percent off, and then, add them on order list waiting for the earners to require their needs.
6.Who is the Earner?
Earners got the amazon gift cards; they will buy the product for shoppers and instead receives the bitcoin for at least 70% of the product value.
7.what if the earner doesn’t have any gift card?
Bitoff strategy is to help amazon customers turn their gift cards into bitcoin or cash, but it is not necessity to have a gift card, its earners choice to pay in cash or with a gift card in order to win bitcoin!
8.Can anyone be shopper and earner at the same time?
Yes, Bitoff lets you to be a shopper and the earner at the same time to get the most benefit out of Bitoff.
9.what is order list?
This is the list which shopper adds their need on it and the earner must select the products from it.
10.What is the wallet page for?
Shoppers should charge their account balance so their order gets accepted, this charge stays in their wallet ,they can both spend it or withdraw it anytime, when the buying process is done, Bitoff will transfer the bitcoin from shoppers wallet into earners wallet, so does earners may spend it as a shopper later or withdraw it anytime.
11.Where the buying process happens? on Amazon or Bitoff?
The whole process goes through Bitoff site except shopper’s search product and Earners purchase step, which goes through amazon site.
12.What if a Shopper cancel the order?
Shopper can cancel their order only if no earner gets into the buying process. Otherwise shoppers cant cancel their order, for more information you may contact to the customer support anytime.
13.What if no Earner accept my order list?
It only happens if the product is too expensive or the percentage of the demanded discount is Hight, you can change your order detail and try again.
14.What if the product will no longer be available on amazon site?
Usually there are some other sellers who has the exact goods in amazon, with customer support help you can change the URL product, if it wasn’t the solution, the order either stays pending for 2days(in order to check if it gets available again or not) or it gets canceled.
15.How much is the Bitoff Fee for the transaction?