1.What is Bitoff?
Bitoff is a simple platform. It lets you spend your bitcoin on amazon and helps you save up to 30% on your required products from amazon. It also helps you to turn your amazon gift cards/unwanted account balance on amazon, into bitcoin easily. The business policy of Bitoff is to benefit both, the shopper and the earner. Our strategy is to provide you safe, easy, and fast transactions.
2.How Bitoff works?
Bitoff helps to connect the Shopper and the Earner. The Shopper spends the bitcoin on the desired product and gets a discount, while the Earner spends his cash/amazon gift card to turn them into bitcoin. The dealing is easy and quick.
3.Why use Bitoff?
Bitoff is a new way of trading. It’s a huge opportunity for the Shoppers and the Earners. Our dashboard lets you sign up as the Shopper or the Earner to create a win-win situation. You can get up to 30% off on spending the bitcoin as a Shopper while turning the amazon gift card into Bitcoin for the Earner. The transaction process is fast, safe, and legal, kept under check with the high standards of control.
4.Is Bitoff trust-worthy?
The transaction system is based on Escrow payment, one of the safest versions of financial arrangements. Bitoff protects your bitcoin; it will never be transferred until and unless the product is delivered.
5.Who is the Shopper?
The Shopper is the user who has the bitcoin and wants to spend it on amazon. They can select any product they want and get a discount of up to 30%. The Shopper checkouts the item and waits until an Earner picks up the order.
6.Who is the Earner?
Earner is the user who is willing to earn bitcoin; they will buy the product for the Shoppers and will receive the bitcoin value for up to 99% of the product value.
7.What if the earner doesn’t have any gift card left?
It is not necessary to have a gift card; the earner can also pay in cash to earn bitcoin on Bitoff.
8.Can you be a Shopper and Earner at the same time?
Yes, Bitoff lets you be a Shopper and the Earner at the same time to get the most benefit from Bitoff.
9.What is the Earn list in Bitoff?
It is the list in which the Shoppers add the orders they need to buy and the Earners pick the order from it on which he wants to spend his cash.
10.What is the wallet page used for?
The Shoppers are needed to top up their account balance for their orders to get accepted. The balance stays in their wallet. They can either spend it or withdraw it anytime. When the buying is done, Bitoff will transfer the bitcoin from the Shoppers into the Earner’s wallet. It will be then earner's choice to withdraw it or spend it as a Shopper.
11.Where does the whole process take place; amazon or Bitoff?
The whole process takes place on Bitoff, except for the Shopper’s product search (you can search the products on Bitoff as well) and earner’s purchase step. These two steps process through Amazon.