Bitoff is a peer-to-peer platform between bitcoin holders and crypto earners. Spend Gift cards to purchase orders on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, Newegg and many other websites in exchange for Bitcoin or Tether equivalence.s

Why Use Bitoff?

Item-based platform

Bitoff is an item-based platform which simply means that the Earner will receive the bitcoin after the item delivery is confirmed. There is no wait; your bitcoin will be in your wallet once the item is delivered.

Safe and secure

The Escrow Payment method and Bitoff’s high standard of control make sure that your bitcoin is safe. In all the buying and receiving steps, the bitcoin transaction is smooth.

Fast and easy

This platform is designed for a fast and easy shopping/earning process. Bitoff is easy to handle and makes buying and earning enjoyable!

Win-Win space

It’s a win-win situation when you use Bitoff. It lets you avail of a special discount up to 30% on spending bitcoin and turns your amazon gift card/unwanted account balance into bitcoin right away

Do you have a gift card?

1. Accept the order
2. Purchase the items
3. Enter the order number
4. Enter the tracking code
5. Submit your feedback
1. Search your product
2. Add to cart
3. Set the discount
4. It’s time to checkout
5. Submit your feedback

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How BITOFF Works

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