Bitoff is a P2P platform that lets people buy stuff from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, and Newegg with crypto, and earners can exchange gift cards, unused balances, credit cards (cash back) for bitcoin or tether.

Discover the Bitoff Edge

Item-by-Item Release

Bitoff's item-based approach means that after each item is delivered and confirmed by the shopper, the funds are transferred to the earner. As a result, every item gets a smooth and secure transaction, instead of waiting for the whole basket

Support Main Stores

Convert gift cards/cashback rewards and unused balance to Bitcoin or Tether by purchase orders from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and More! Experience the Ultimate Crypto Shopping Solution

Support Main Currencies

You can exchange gift cards, cashback rewards, and unused balance to Bitcoin or Tether. Bitoff supports main currencies like USD, EUR, and CAD.


Prime Item Purchase

Gain access to Amazon's premium selection of Prime products. Experience priority delivery and enjoy Prime-exclusive discounts and special offers.

Easy-to-use solutions for shoppers and earners

1. Accept the order
2. Purchase the items
3. Enter the order number
4. Enter the tracking code
5. Submit your feedback
1. Search your product
2. Add to cart
3. Set the discount
4. It’s time to checkout
5. Submit your feedback

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